Manly Men Wear Deodorant

When women use deodorant, men perceive them to be more “feminine-smelling” than when they don’t.

So what do girls think of men who use deodorant?

According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, wearing deodorant by men who are less masculine can improve women’s perceptions of their masculinity.

The researchers recruited 130 people to look at images of 20 men and 20 women in the first phase of the sample. The volunteers were then asked to rank how masculine or feminine they thought the faces in the images were.

A total of 239 people rated the femininity and masculinity of 40 odor samples in the second half. These samples were taken from the people in the pictures, both with and without deodorant.

Men classified all deodorant-wearing women as having a more feminine odor than those who did not.

When it came to women’s perceptions of men, however, the findings were very different.

For men who were still viewed as masculine in the pictures, deodorant had little impact.

However, using deodorant had impressive effects in men with poor facial masculinity. It had a huge impact on how women saw these men’s masculinity. The result were so astounding that the rated standards of masculinity between the two classes of men were almost indistinguishable.

Dr. Caroline Allen, the study’s lead author, stated:

“Only men who were ranked poor in masculinity to begin with reported a big increase after using deodorants, whereas men who were extremely masculine to begin with showed no increase after using deodorants.”

“This suggests that men can artificially raise their game, so to speak, by using deodorant to level the playing field by allowing themselves equal, at least in terms of odor, to more masculine men.”

SOURCE: Women find men more masculine when wearing deodorant. News Release. University of Stirling.

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