What Is Protein?

We can see why our science teacher feels his diet is preferable to eating meat. But how does he do it, and why is it possible to substitute other sources of protein for meat? To understand the answer, we will have to take a look at exactly what protein is.   To a chemist, it’s… Continue reading What Is Protein?

The Functions of Protein

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Why is protein so important to all our science teacher friend s activities? How does his body use the bowl of whole-grain cereal topped with seeds, nuts, and milk that he frequently eats for breakfast? What happens when you eat breakfast like that? What would happen if you didn’t get enough protein? If you got… Continue reading The Functions of Protein

NPU: Other Factors Affecting Protein Utilization

Let’s return again to Household Number Four, the lacto-ovo-vegetarian teacher. As a scientist who weighs 180 pounds, he knows that he cannot just eat any foods that contain 74 grams of protein, the amount recommended for his body weight, and be sure he is getting all he needs. He judiciously matches foods with complementary amino… Continue reading NPU: Other Factors Affecting Protein Utilization

Case Study : Household No. 4The Vegetarian Alternative

Household Number Four is a young science teacher and amateur athlete. He is also a vegetarian. His parents regard him as somewhat eccentric, and perhaps he is: he grows a lot of his own vegetables so he is sure to get organically grown foods with as few pollutants in them as possible. At the drop… Continue reading Case Study : Household No. 4The Vegetarian Alternative

Complete Proteins

Let’s take a closer look at the complete protein foods. These foods contain all eight essential amino acids in proportions close to the ideal. Being so well balanced, they provide protein in a highly efficient manner. As a result, they only need to be eaten in small quantities. Six ounces of meat, cheese, fish, or… Continue reading Complete Proteins

Incomplete Protein Foods

You cannot live on incomplete proteins alone. But well-informed vegetarians like our science teacher friend have learned how to use them to make complementary proteins. Complementary proteins all from plant sources are complete, and they can supply your protein needs quite adequately. If they couldn’t, many more of the world’s people would be deprived of… Continue reading Incomplete Protein Foods


I despise the word diet. People associate it with losing weight, but that’s not all that a diet can do. By definition, “diet” means the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person for a special reason. After all, some skinny guys want to put on weight. Others aren’t concerned at all with packing… Continue reading 6 STEPS FOR EATING RIGHT WHILE TRAINING FOR A LEANER, MORE MUSCULAR BODY

8 Facts About Sugar

Here 8 Facts About Sugar that you don’t know probably You could be eating a high-sugar diet even if you don’t own a sugar bowl. Half of our carbohydrate intake is in the form of sugar, experts tell us; between 20 and 25 percent of our calories come from sucrose. Most of it is already… Continue reading 8 Facts About Sugar