5 Reasons Why You Should Smile More Often

People believe that in this world, a smile is the only tricky thing to straighten things . Your world could be changed with a smile. It might provide you with a better view of life. It can appeal to people. It can increase your trust. It can do a great deal, as long as you do it.

And it’s not enough to say these things to encourage you to smile a bit more often. You need facts, just like others and I will gladly explain 5 reasons why you need to take the time to smile a bit more frequently.

  1. Be a Happier You. A Buddhist monk named Thich Nhat hanh reportedly stated, “Your joy is sometimes the cause of your smile, but your smile can be the source of your joy sometimes.” Studies prove it, true enough. A smiling individual generally releases more Endorphins, which are called good body hormones, than people that are not. So, smile frequently for a self-induced happiness!
  2. Free Way To Release Stress. Cortisol: if we feel stressed, the complete opposite of Endorphins or the ‘stress hormone’ dominates in our bodies. Luckily, Endorphine can limit Cortisol’s influence in our body. The outcome is that if we smile, at the same moment, we feel less stressful and happier.
  3. You’re looking more attractive. Why do the models often smile a lot in TV commercials? Is that because they’re looking good? No, not so. Companies realize that smiling improves every person’s looks. So, if you often smile, you get more appealing immediately. Studies also show that smiling can often make a person less than the true age three years younger. Isn’t it good to look younger rather than older?
  4. Live Longer! Studies still prove whether this is real and evaluate the impact of a smile on endorphins in our bodies and the way endorphins interact with the rest of the body, improve the immune system and combat stress, so why smile can help you live longer is understandable. So, if you want to survive or live as long as you have your grandparents, make sure you smile constantly!
  5. Become More Personal.People generally connect smiles with trust, generosity, friendliness and other desirable characteristics and people feel that you have the same excellent attributes if you smile regularly. Then people are probably going to like you or to have a personal bond with you. In fact, during one of the seconds you smile, you may even attract your possible partner – isn’t that nice?

So, if you want to feel younger than you are and live for a very long time, do not forget to smile often! Remember, you should never leave your house without it!

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