Feeling Your Oats: Where Does Real Go Power Come From?

Normal blood sugar or blood glucose levels are crucial to every activity you perform. When you are tired, your blood may be circulating too little glucose. A momentary boost in energy usually accompanies the ingestion of any type of sugar, which raises the blood sugar level, usually in no more than five to ten minutes.… Continue reading Feeling Your Oats: Where Does Real Go Power Come From?

Carbohydrate Digestive Disorders

When the course of digestion does not run smoothly, the culprit may be a defect in your metabolism. Here are a few of the conditions that lead to malfunctioning: Gout medications. Are you being treated with atropine, digitoxin, phenformin, or ethacrynic acid for gout? It’s best to discuss with your doctor the potentials these drugs… Continue reading Carbohydrate Digestive Disorders

Sugar as a Food Additive

Repeated daily doses of refined sugar especially when packaged with other health-hazardous food components such as saturated fats and chemical additives can lead to serious health problems. These include coronary heart disease, cholesterol buildup, and other disorders arising from veins, arteries, and a heart muscle weakened by a high-sugar diet.   Yet our diet is… Continue reading Sugar as a Food Additive


All sugars and starches are made from the same chemical elements carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and oxygen (O)in the same proportions – C6H12O6. But the carbohydrates are not all alike. The simplest are the monosaccharides the most basic of all sugars, consisting of just one sugar molecule (C6H12O6). Because they are simple does not mean… Continue reading Sugar

The Unavailable Carbohydrates

The sugars and starches described in the previous section are known as the available carbohydrates.   But there is another, very important form of complex carbohydrates besides these. They provide no known nutrients; they pass right through the digestive tract and are eliminated, virtually impervious to the barrage of powerful enzymes, acids, and microorganisms that… Continue reading The Unavailable Carbohydrates

Sugar and Your Teeth

One of the few aspects of refined-sugar consumption about which many medical authorities have agreed for years is that sugar if allowed to remain in the mouth, causes cavities.   OBESITY AND DENTAL CARIES Because a little bit of sugar usually leads to a little bit more, in the form of high-calorie food or extra… Continue reading Sugar and Your Teeth

Sugar and Coronary Health: Yesterday and Today

The news that sugar is bad for your cardiovascular health is more than eighty years old. One of the first attempts to determine whether a high-sugar, high-starch diet might be harmful at least to rodents indicated that rats became fatter in response to the extra carbohydrates. In some cases, where it was the sugar that… Continue reading Sugar and Coronary Health: Yesterday and Today

Sugar and Heart Disease

Few physicians or scientists have done more to warn us of the dangers created by our excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates than Surgeon-Captain T. L. Cleave, M.D., F.R.C.P. Dr. Cleave, a British physician, first became aware of one type of refined-carbohydrate danger fiber-depletion when serving on the battleship King George V during World War II.… Continue reading Sugar and Heart Disease